Electric StormElectric Storm is the noise project of Tyler Debelak. Through his sounds he hopes to bridge the gap between punk rock ethics and pure sonic manipulation. Oscillators, feedback, and whale sound tape loops weave together to form a soundtrack for your bummer postmodern lifestyle where everything has been done before.

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Seafloor Spreading
By Electric Storm
MER 40 - 2016
So much has changed since the last Electric Storm album. The Berlin Wall fell, we survived Y2K, 9-11 happened. And now Electric Storm is back and ready for action! Explore the unfathomable depths of the drone! Question your reality! Lay on the floor and zone out!

Cassette tape in hard shell case

What's the Point?
By Russell Pederson / Sega Genocide / Bloated Whale Decapitation / Photographs of the Future / Richard Hescott / Secret Secretions / Little Red Car / Jason Loeffler / Green Sun / Good Grief / Quiet the Ruckus / Troubadour / Break Bone Fever / Imoth Amero / Electric Storm / Wrath of the Girth
MER 18 - 2009
What's the Point? is a compilation of hot new Stevens Point, WI bands giving you a taste of what the town has to offer. Covering all areas of the musical map from folk to grindcore, WTP? is a collection of music by people who are excited about making things happen where they live. When I first moved to Stevens Point I didn't realize that so many good things were going on under my nose, so I decided to document what we had. All I wanted to do was to make a compilation, but what we wound up with is a recording of where we started before things got even better.

cdr in screen printed digipack with 16 page booklet $5

Boys of the Summer
By Electric Storm
MER 07 - 2008
Finally, the promised baseball themed Electric Storm album is here! Five tracks spanning two years of tone work, whale sound tape loops, and live excursions. Comes with a 20th century baseball team logo sticker (while supplies last).

5" cdr in sleeve

Fates Worse than Death
By Electric Storm
MER 04 - 2006
First album from Electric Storm. Just enough sounds to fill up one of those cute 3" cds! Oscillators, feedback, and more from this UP noiser (you know, that OTHER Michigan noise scene).

3" cdr in sleeve

My Favorite Hard Time vol 1
By Cymbolstorm/The Murder Men/Electric Storm
MER 01 - 2005
Three inches, three bands. Cymbolstorm does beat poetry with a cymbal. The Murder Men explore an experemental folk collage. Electric Storm presents three noise compositions. Basically it is like a nonstop party.

3" cdr