Mark ChmuraColter thinks that this band name should be changed to Quadruplets, but I'm on the fence. I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression about the band, there are only two people. I guess with the current name it seems like there is only one person, so I guess we should still change it so that there isn't any confusion...

Sorry if you came here looking for real information. It's hard to be forthcoming sometimes. The Mark Chmura sound could be described as abstract electronic dance music with noise textures. Tyler & Colter have been playing together off and on for the past 5 or 6 years. Expect new recordings soon!

Mark Chmura
By Mark Chmura
MER 29 - 2011
Get up and shaky your body beats, trip out synth lines, and crumbling walls of noise combine for the ultimate summer dance party tape. It will distort your speakers and melt the energy dome you call your brain.

Cassette tape in hard shell case