The AwesomeThe Awesome is a noise punk band. All the indie kids are into noise right now, because it is the new punk rock. Therefore: all the kids are into the Awesome.

Sounds Like Half Japanese if they knew half(?) as much about playing their instruments. A Dick Dale, Boredoms, and Minutemen medley as performed by the kids of Widney High. Basically: a joke gone so terribly, horribly awry that it's funny all over again.

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More Than Just A Catchy Name: Live In Houghton
By The Awesome
MER 50 - 2020
Now you can relive the first two live performances of THE AWESOME from the comfort of your own home! The entire show experience is here on tape: microphone feedback, guitar feedback, jokes, keyboards, drum solos, crowd murmurs/ heckling, and much much more!

Cassette tape in hard shell case $6

The Awesome
By The Awesome
MER 25 - 2020
THE AWESOME's debut album has been out of print for over 15 years and this is your chance to get in on the action! You used to have to dial the WMTU request line to hear these tracks, but now you can listen to Shark Attack whenever you want! Many will probably remember the fall of 2004 where one small town noise rock band took that town by storm. Like many great bands, they had at least one good song and played a couple of shows. Hear where it all started for Tyler & Brad before they achieved fame in bands like Spooky Spooky Washington and Wild Animalz. Listen here

Double A side cassette tape in hard shell case $6