The Tallest BuildingsThe Tallest Buildings is the brainchild of Cameron Mahoney. During the band's heyday they were always evolving. It seemed like every time I saw them they had new songs and a new lineup. They were always pushing into new territory. Cameron's song writing really pulls you in and although they didn't record much, their album Light Brigade shows you how top notch they were. I haven't heard anything new from Cameron in awhile, so I have no idea if there is anything still going on. I would imagine he is still writing songs, but who knows? Good luck trying to find anything else about the band because their name is virtually ungoogleable.

Light Brigade
By The Tallest Buildings
MER 27 - 2010
This album is amazing. Every song is bursting at the seams with multi-part harmonies, more instruments than you can shake a stick at, and hooks that stick in your head. Possibly the most well mixed album to ever appear on the MER roster, every element of Light Brigade is in the right place. When Cameron first gave me this album I listened to it over and over and totally forgot to ever put it on the website. Well, it's here now. What are you waiting for? Buy this and listen to it over and over and over and over and over.

5" cdr in jewel case