Touch/No TouchThe first time I saw Touch/No Touch play I got super psyched up and I think a bunch of other people did too. For once I saw a debut show where the band was fully formed, where they had actually practiced for months before playing out. I'm all for people rocking the stage right away, but there is something special about a band that wants to get it right before they start playing shows. Their sound is a mix of straightforward singer/songwriter type stuff but it has all these bizarro not quite mathrock leanings that make it awesome to listen to. Melissa's vocals are great and passionate and Scott puts on a one man show behind the drums. I wouldn't call what he does antics, and I think theatrics would be misleading, but watching Scott play just makes me feel good. Touch/No Touch is also special because they are a ticking time bomb of band breakup just waiting for Scott to graduate, so enjoy them while you can. Every time I've seen them since their first set they've gotten more rocking, so who knows what these next couple of months hold. All I can say is STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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By Touch/No Touch
MER 26 - 2010
Debut album from one of Stevens Point's latest and greatest bands. The songs on this cd are great. Melissa does her own thing on guitar and it totally rules. She plays her thick strings like a bass while she goes to mathrockville on the higher strings. I heard that she never really rocked out until Scott got in there to drive the points home in rapid succession accenting them with beats that make your head spin. Think about a math rock singer/songwriter but less math and more rock, and then think about how you want to hear this cd.

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