Wett NurseMatt Lynch and Jon Bloom are such an unbeatable combo. You've loved everything they've ever done together. Add Anastasia Greer to the mix and you have an unstoppable force. These guys stayed at my house this summer and it was great. We went to garage sales and played Mappy. It was a hoot. Then they set up their gear and blew us away. I thought the paint was going to peel off the walls. I'm glad my next door neighbors were out of town. They would have called the cops.

Their debut album Worships The Devil is a real tease. Sure it's awesome, but you know by now they probably have something truly evil worked up. You can't help but listen to it and try to picture what sort of fuzz worship jams they're conjuring up now. Listening to this and knowing they're brewing something even more excellent makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


Syc Nurse
By Sycamore Smith And The Gray Beast / Wett Nurse
MER 38 - 2013
If you want to check the pulse of the Marquette music scene, look no further than this tape! Local legend Sycamore Smith is out of control lately. Electric guitar? Distortion? Feedback? I think the Gray Beast has something to do with it, because they really kick out the jams on this! Don't even get me started on the Wett Nurse side of the tape because I won't be able to shut up about how great it is! This is their best recording yet, a total rocker. I can barely handle it. This split is also available on cdr from Temporal Records. Listen here

Cassette tape in hard shell case

Wett Dreams
By Wett Nurse
MER 34 - 2012
Wett Nurse continue to blow minds on their first 7" record. Their haunted organ basement jams make you want to rub up against someone and tell them you love 'em. Perfect soundtrack for a first date (as long as it's a short date). Listen here.

7" record $5

Worships The Devil
By Wett Nurse
MER 31 - 2011
Wett Nurse plays the sort of fuzzed out organ centric rock'n'roll that seems so friendly when you sit down and listen to the album. If you're in the car maybe you'd open your sunroof and let the breeze run over your head, but beware! These songs are about Star Wars and demon wrestling and when you hear them live your ears ring for days. Wett Nurse may dial it down a notch on the album so you can hear the hooks, but don't let them fool you. Worships The Devil is a beast that cannot be tamed. Listen here.

5" cdr in a screen printed digipack $5