Wild AnimalzWild Animalz formed after Dylan and Tyler moved to Ohio. Faced with how much Ohio sucks, they turned to the power of grindcore to save them from their sad fates. Pairing spasmodic danceable beats, a guitar distorted beyond the realm of discernible notes, and songs about Ohio and science fiction, they forged a sound that rumbled its way into the hearts of millions.

Love it or Leave it is their first full length. It was going to be a 7" but they decided to put it on tape instead. Its a split with Peddling Records, and the b side has a great surprise on it!


By Wild Animalz
MER 47 - 2018
Two classic Wild Animalz albums are back in print and are now available on one cdr! It's what all you complainers always wanted. "I don't have a tape player," you said. "I don't want the mini cd to get stuck in my computer," you whined. I get it, I get it, it's hard to be a Wild Animalz superfan. Well, you days of anguish are over! You can now hear "Love It Or Leave It" and "Terminal Illness" back to back like you always wanted. Don't worry, we didn't remaster anything or put any bonus tracks on there. Listen here: Part 1 and Part 2

5" cdr in sleeve $5

Mirror, Mirror
By Wild Animalz
MER 36 - 2014
"Mirror, Mirror" is, without a doubt, Wild Animalz's magnum opus. The two disc, 15 track album covers all facets of the band's seven year history. These songs cover all topics of interest: Russian propaganda, time travel, hyperlinks, pizza, etc. The sounds will leave you scratching your head thinking, "How did they make it sound so good?" Don't wait on this one because supplies are limited! It's the psychedelic thrill-ride of the year! Listen here.

Two 3" screen printed cdrs in a screen printed mirror finish digipack $10

Terminal Illness
By Wild Animalz
MER 32 - 2012
Named after a stage banter promise made four years prior to the album's release, "Terminal Illness" is an ear blistering thrill ride. The feedback screeches like you cannot believe and after awhile you realize your stereo can't handle the truth. The lyrics hit on all of Wild Animalz's favorite subjects: Nicolas Cage, pandemics, the FDIC, and more. You'd think with four years between albums they'd be able to come up with more than five tracks, but hey, no one's perfect. Who wants too much of a good thing, am I right?! Listen here

MER presents this album as a 3" cd-r in a deluxe gatefold digipack. Also available on tape from FM Dust as a split with Mall Mutants.

By Wild Animalz
MER 23 - 2007
The only single from the Wild Animalz debut album "Love it or Leave it". Edition of 23.

5" cdr in paper sleeve

Love it or Leave it
By Wild Animalz
MER 10 - 2008
Ex-Ohio grindcore band that has songs about science fiction and how much Ohio sucks. Crazy surprises on the B side! Co-released with Peddling Records!!!!!!!!! Listen here

Cassette tape in hardshell case