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Thriving & Dying
By Danny Werachowski
MER 58 - 2021

Danny is one of those dudes that should probably be dropping tapes all the time, but so far this is the only one. It's practically criminal. The good news is that it was totally worth the wait! This album is full of songs that are smart, funny, contemplative, and super swell all at the time. A perfect tape for fans of thoughtful folk songs about growing up and living life. Listen here

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Modest Prospect (Six Times)
By Instant Visions
MER 57 - 2021

Instant Visions' debut tape explores the terrain of half forgotten memories and barely remembered dreams. Ambient keyboard loops and static slowly work their magic, taking you on a journey through your unconscious as time unfolds in layers. Drift in and out and see what you find. Listen here

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By Elastic Waste Band
MER 56 - 2021

"Unsend!" you yell as your muscle memory unconsciously clicks the PayPal button to buy this tape. It's too late. You're stuck with this hypnotic masterpiece. Listen daily to ensure a truly psychedelic existence. Part three of the debut album trilogy!

Cassette tape in hard shell case $5

Shelf Life
By Elastic Waste Band
MER 55 - 2021

EWB's second debut album "Shelf Life" doesn't come with an expiration date. It will last forever so you can get down anytime with the minimal and maximal vibes! Listen closely, question your reality. Perfect noise jammers for your modern lifestyle. Listen here

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Who Drank The Holy Water
By Elastic Waste Band
MER 54 - 2021

"Who Drank The Holy Water?" is a beginner's guide to the world of EWB. There's synergistic bass drones, mystery vocals, mutating loops, and cryptic messages from beyond. Truly a smorgasbord for the ears. Debut album one of three! Listen here

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By Slow Normals / MC ROBOTRIPPER
MER 53 - 2020

U.P. transplant Slow Normals kicks things off in this double sided mystery tour! Foreboding voices lurk in the depths of this off-kilter, underwater jazz. Relaxing swells mingle with modular textures, panic drums, and hazy skies. On the flip side, MC ROBOTRIPPER continue to warp reality with their damaged beats, disembodied voices, and deep drones. Your mind might melt from all the noise, but you'll leave feeling quite chuffed! Listen to Side A and Side B.

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KISSing b/w Planned Obsolescence
By Colin Edwin
MER 51 - 2020

Its hard to feel like anything matters most of the time, but I always feel a little better after listening to this tape. Something about the way Colin elevates the mundane, where empty tbell wrappers and overdue videos become focal points drawing you into his world, really does it for me. Its like you have felt things before, but only Colin can really get to the core of it all. I know its getting harder all the time to stay positive and make art, but these three songs prove the struggle is worth it. Listen here

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More Than Just A Catchy Name: Live In Houghton
By The Awesome
MER 50 - 2020

Now you can relive the first two live performances of THE AWESOME from the comfort of your own home! The entire show experience is here on tape: microphone feedback, guitar feedback, jokes, keyboards, drum solos, crowd murmurs/ heckling, and much much more!

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The Awesome
By The Awesome
MER 25 - 2020

THE AWESOME's debut album has been out of print for over 15 years and this is your chance to get in on the action! You used to have to dial the WMTU request line to hear these tracks, but now you can listen to Shark Attack whenever you want! Many will probably remember the fall of 2004 where one small town noise rock band took that town by storm. Like many great bands, they had at least one good song and played a couple of shows. Hear where it all started for Tyler & Brad before they achieved fame in bands like Spooky Spooky Washington and Wild Animalz. Listen here

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By Elastic Waste Band / Mashed Cauliflower / Glaucon / Casey & The Rocks / WiscoDegen / Psionic Beak / Melissa / Secret Resentment / W.D. Keller / Intimate Butt Snuff / n o s t a i r w a y / MC ROBOTRIPPER / No Death / Rackwell/Delta Bandsaw / Good Grief / Bass Mintons / SNOWGiRL
MER 48 - 2018

I've been taking a lot of flack for only hosting shows once a month because it turns out most people want to listen to weird stuff every day. Well guess what noise fans: this tape turns your house into a noise show whenever you play it! This compilation documents the Stevens Point, WI noise scene circa 2017-18. It's not easy to keep things weird in a small town, but I think we're doing a pretty good job! Listen here

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By Wild Animalz
MER 47 - 2018

Two classic Wild Animalz albums are back in print and are now available on one cdr! It's what all you complainers always wanted. "I don't have a tape player," you said. "I don't want the mini cd to get stuck in my computer," you whined. I get it, I get it, it's hard to be a Wild Animalz superfan. Well, you days of anguish are over! You can now hear "Love It Or Leave It" and "Terminal Illness" back to back like you always wanted. Don't worry, we didn't remaster anything or put any bonus tracks on there. Listen here: Part 1 and Part 2

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Somedays Are Harder Than Others
By Doorstopper
MER 46 - 2018

I'm going to level with you. Doorstopper rules. They have the sickest riffs and the heaviest feelings. Their debut album captures the raw emotional intensity of their live show and serves it up like you're there in the pit. The songs run the gamut from punk rock bangers to intimate diary confessionals. They're not afraid to get noisy and they're not afraid to get real. I think that level of realness is what sets Doorstopper apart from other bands. They're not in it for the glory or the fame or anything else that makes modern life so confusing/terrible. It's just friends in a room making music and it's totally awesome. Listen here

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Doublethink Tank
MER 45 - 2018

Throughout history, people have found many different paths to enlightenment. In the 21st century some had turned to consciousness expanding duo Mark Chmura, but they only released one tape. Disappointed, the people waited for new material.

In the year 2018 the wait was over. Mark Chmura re-branded (re-banded?) as MC ROBOTRIPPER and the people rejoiced. They opened their minds with scuzzed out synth bloops and cryptic drones. Mysterious voices flowed from their earbuds and vibrated on the tympanic membrane.

The people weren't sure if they should dance or not but it was ok, they were happy for the first time in their lives. They were full of joy and their minds were no longer clouded by confusion. "Long live MC ROBOTRIPPER," the people said. "I will live forever in your hearts," MC ROBOTRIPPER replied. Listen here

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Frying Pan Blues
By Anna Jo Banjo
MER 42 - 2017

Meet the banjo pickin' enigma that is Anna Jo Banjo! Her debut album is jam packed with real-deal folk rippers. If you listen closely you'll learn the difference between a bum and a hobo, hear tales of lovers spurned, discover the magic of BLT sandwiches, and more! Her catchy tunes will get stuck in your brain (in the best way possible) and then make a path straight to your heart. Listen to some tracks here.

5" pro replicated cdr in digipack $10

8 Months Pregnant/Not 8 Months Pregnant
By Snowstorm
MER 41 - 2017

One time Kent called me and said that he saved a bunch of 70's avant-garde albums from the dumpster and that I should come to Maryland so we can make a recording of us jamming to the LPs. How could I resist an offer like that? Here is your chance to hear how the first Electric Storm/SNOWGiRL collaboration went down: cosmic drones, warbling reeds, samples straight out of the concert hall, killer guitars, kitchen percussion, & more! If you want to do some head scratching play guess the samples. Warning: it might drive you crazy. Listen here

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Couch Potato
By Mr. Martin And The Sensitive Guys
MER 39 - 2016

SUPER GROUP ALERT! Mr. Martin of Wild Animalz/Arabian Ass Migration fame teaming up with Colin & Jarad from Good Grief? Are you freakin kidding me? I've been waiting my whole life for this! This album is totally awesome. The hooks are top notch and the song writing is off the chain. Dylan & Colin's distinct song writing styles really set this apart from your average band and Riff Nasty's bass playing kicks everything up to the next level! Could this be the future of rock'n'roll? Listen here.

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Mirror, Mirror
By Wild Animalz
MER 36 - 2014

"Mirror, Mirror" is, without a doubt, Wild Animalz's magnum opus. The two disc, 15 track album covers all facets of the band's seven year history. These songs cover all topics of interest: Russian propaganda, time travel, hyperlinks, pizza, etc. The sounds will leave you scratching your head thinking, "How did they make it sound so good?" Don't wait on this one because supplies are limited! It's the psychedelic thrill-ride of the year! Listen here.

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The Village of Terrifying Fright
By Windmill Music
MER 35 - 2013

I'm very pleased to present you with the latest album by Kent Randell aka Windmill Music! It's everything you ever wanted in a record: lush harmonies, massive buildups, guest rappers, slow-burning rockers, the list goes on and on. Did I mention the lyrics are good too? I am digging this like you won't believe. You'll like it too, I promise! Listen here.

5" cdr in slim case $5

Wett Dreams
By Wett Nurse
MER 34 - 2012

Wett Nurse continue to blow minds on their first 7" record. Their haunted organ basement jams make you want to rub up against someone and tell them you love 'em. Perfect soundtrack for a first date (as long as it's a short date). Listen here.

7" record $5

Worships The Devil
By Wett Nurse
MER 31 - 2011

Wett Nurse plays the sort of fuzzed out organ centric rock'n'roll that seems so friendly when you sit down and listen to the album. If you're in the car maybe you'd open your sunroof and let the breeze run over your head, but beware! These songs are about Star Wars and demon wrestling and when you hear them live your ears ring for days. Wett Nurse may dial it down a notch on the album so you can hear the hooks, but don't let them fool you. Worships The Devil is a beast that cannot be tamed. Listen here.

5" cdr in a screen printed digipack $5

I Love Cats!
By I Love Cats!
MER 28 - 2010

If you liked "Vol. 2" prepare to have your mind blown. I Love Cats! are in full effect on this awesome 7". Matt showed up in Stevens Point with these records and they all said MOST EXCELLENT on them and I was like "OH CRAP!" Best surprise ever! These four songs were recorded for their ill fated debut tour and its a shame it didn't go better because I Love Cats! were tighter than ever. Now a three piece, I Love Cats! will tear up your record player with their vinyl melting garage rock and totally awesome next level reverb vocals that are practically an instrument unto themselves. I always knew these guys were going to do great things, I just didn't think it was going to be so soon!

7" record $5

By Touch/No Touch
MER 26 - 2010

Debut album from one of Stevens Point's latest and greatest bands. The songs on this cd are great. Melissa does her own thing on guitar and it totally rules. She plays her thick strings like a bass while she goes to mathrockville on the higher strings. I heard that she never really rocked out until Scott got in there to drive the points home in rapid succession accenting them with beats that make your head spin. Think about a math rock singer/songwriter but less math and more rock, and then think about how you want to hear this cd.

5" pro replicated cdr in jewel case $5

Secret Secretions
By Secret Secretions
MER 24 - 2010

I've listened to a ton of punk records, and it's pretty rare to find on that doesn't sound like a rip-off of something else. The Secret Secretions manage to do avoid this trapping and their debut album is all the more awesome because of it. Their sound is a weird punk/reggae/surf fusion, but their intensity is undeniably PUNK ROCK®. Their album blazes through all of their best songs which tackle everything from Scientology to the pointlessness of our modern existence. In short, this record slays. Listen here

cdr in digipack with foldout lyric sheet/poster $1

Abnormal Psychology
By The Coral Riffs
MER 19 - 2009

One of Stevens Points's finest, the Coral Riffs aka Colin Bares presents a five song mini album that I'm incredibly psyched about. The songs explore the connection between isolation and creativity. Armed with a guitar, stray field recordings, a drum or two, and an immaculate sense of timing, Colin made a recording that is more than the sum of its parts. If you've ever seen Good Grief you know that Colin is a great songwriter, but on this album his songs really shine. This is home recording at its finest! The Coral Riff's MER debut will change lives. Check it. Listen here

3" cdr in screen printed box *Covers vary in color* $6

What's the Point?
By Russell Pederson / Sega Genocide / Bloated Whale Decapitation / Photographs of the Future / Richard Hescott / Secret Secretions / Little Red Car / Jason Loeffler / Green Sun / Good Grief / Quiet the Ruckus / Troubadour / Break Bone Fever / Imoth Amero / Electric Storm / Wrath of the Girth
MER 18 - 2009

What's the Point? is a compilation of hot new Stevens Point, WI bands giving you a taste of what the town has to offer. Covering all areas of the musical map from folk to grindcore, WTP? is a collection of music by people who are excited about making things happen where they live. When I first moved to Stevens Point I didn't realize that so many good things were going on under my nose, so I decided to document what we had. All I wanted to do was to make a compilation, but what we wound up with is a recording of where we started before things got even better.

cdr in screen printed digipack with 16 page booklet $5

House Party
By Spooky Spooky Washington
MER 09 - 2008

Throwing a party should be fun for everyone, including the host. Here's how to throw a successful party and enjoy it at the same time. This is the first album from the Ypsilanti, Michigan based Spooky Spooky Washington. 42 minutes of shimmering guitar lines, feed backing pedals, and massively delayed synth. Tension and release to the max! Listen here

5" cdr in sleeve $5