A historical archive of albums that are no longer available for purchase!

Box Set
By Elastic Waste Band
MER 165 - 2021

Point's beloved improv noisemakers are back with not one, not two, but three debut albums! This is all three tapes in one handy dandy box set! Each box set has custom original cover art and includes a 24 page art booklet, a custom painted sticker, and a polaroid of the band! Not available in stores! Limited to 7! Only 2 copies left! Check out the cover art here!

3x cassette tapes in a vinyl album

Elk Startled by Thunder
By Elk Startled by Thunder
MER 44 - 2018

Elk Startled By Thunder's debut album does the Stevens Point punk scene proud. They rip through 11 tracks addressing the downfalls of modern society: conservative policy makers run amuck, global warming, depression, the list goes on. With two great songwriters, you're really getting the total package. When Klink yells, "The governments not going to do anything!" you'll know that 1) he's totally right and 2) that you've just heard the greatest punk line of all time! Listen here.

5" cdr in sleeve

By Such Feasts
MER 43 - 2018

When Matthew Lynch pitched this album to me as "a freaked out cassette of nightmares" I didn't know what to expect. I figured it would be good, but I wasn't prepared for how much I was going to love it. I found the hypnotic, meditative quality of the music immediately absorbing. The songs drift like hazy memories and half-remembered dreams. Guitar instrumentals meander through a fog of singing saw and oscillator drones. Unfamiliar sounds wrap around themselves, sputtering backwards and forwards, making their way to unknown destinations. I can't think of a more intriguing way to kick off the new year. Don't sleep on this one!

Cassette tape in hard shell case

Seafloor Spreading
By Electric Storm
MER 40 - 2016

So much has changed since the last Electric Storm album. The Berlin Wall fell, we survived Y2K, 9-11 happened. And now Electric Storm is back and ready for action! Explore the unfathomable depths of the drone! Question your reality! Lay on the floor and zone out!

Cassette tape in hard shell case

Syc Nurse
By Sycamore Smith And The Gray Beast / Wett Nurse
MER 38 - 2013

If you want to check the pulse of the Marquette music scene, look no further than this tape! Local legend Sycamore Smith is out of control lately. Electric guitar? Distortion? Feedback? I think the Gray Beast has something to do with it, because they really kick out the jams on this! Don't even get me started on the Wett Nurse side of the tape because I won't be able to shut up about how great it is! This is their best recording yet, a total rocker. I can barely handle it. This split is also available on cdr from Temporal Records. Listen here

Cassette tape in hard shell case

Holy Wah And The Jesus Christs / Half Inchers Band
By Holy Wah And The Jesus Christs / Half Inchers Band
MER 37 - 2013

Two mystery bands for your listening pleasure! This is the perfect soundtrack for a choose your own adventure book about living on the edge. Get weird, asap. If that doesn't sell you on this, I don't know what will.

Cassette tape in hard shell case

True Romance / Abnormal Psychology
By The Coral Riffs
MER 33 - 2012

For the first time ever you can get your hands on a copy of "True Romance". Previously only available as a download, it sounds great on tape. You will be moved by this beautiful and sad music. As a special bonus we've included Colin's first MER album "Abnormal Psychology" on the b side along with some bonus tracks! Listen to "True Romance" here.

Cassette tape in hard shell case

Terminal Illness
By Wild Animalz
MER 32 - 2012

Named after a stage banter promise made four years prior to the album's release, "Terminal Illness" is an ear blistering thrill ride. The feedback screeches like you cannot believe and after awhile you realize your stereo can't handle the truth. The lyrics hit on all of Wild Animalz's favorite subjects: Nicolas Cage, pandemics, the FDIC, and more. You'd think with four years between albums they'd be able to come up with more than five tracks, but hey, no one's perfect. Who wants too much of a good thing, am I right?! Listen here

MER presents this album as a 3" cd-r in a deluxe gatefold digipack. Also available on tape from FM Dust as a split with Mall Mutants.

Crumpled Infinity
By Disney Channel Original Boner
MER 30 - 2011

Consisting of one track entitled "Mother Process", Disney Channel Original Boner's debut condenses a 9 month journey into just 22 1/2 minutes. The track begins before conception and follows the development of the unborn child through its exit from the womb. Drums and creepy synths combine with really weird auto tuned vocals that provide both the narration and the inner monologue of the fetus in the most shrill way possible. It makes me glad I don't remember being a baby. Don't get me wrong through, this cd is awesome. Limited edition of 6. Listen here

5" cdr in full color crumpled mess

Mark Chmura
By Mark Chmura
MER 29 - 2011

Get up and shaky your body beats, trip out synth lines, and crumbling walls of noise combine for the ultimate summer dance party tape. It will distort your speakers and melt the energy dome you call your brain.

Cassette tape in hard shell case

Light Brigade
By The Tallest Buildings
MER 27 - 2010

This album is amazing. Every song is bursting at the seams with multi-part harmonies, more instruments than you can shake a stick at, and hooks that stick in your head. Possibly the most well mixed album to ever appear on the MER roster, every element of Light Brigade is in the right place. When Cameron first gave me this album I listened to it over and over and totally forgot to ever put it on the website. Well, it's here now. What are you waiting for? Buy this and listen to it over and over and over and over and over.

5" cdr in jewel case

Vol. 2
By I Love Cats!
MER 21 - 2009

Vol. 2 is the first "real" recordings of I Love Cats! and it rules. The tape is full of noisy basement "garage" rock echo jams that transcend the earlier Coachwhips homage I Love Cats! started out with. Wild drums, singing saws, and fuzzed out vocals make this tape a real keeper. Get it while its hotttttttttttttt.

Cassette tape in hard shell case

Riding a Unicorn to the Moon
By Arabian Ass Migration
MER 15 - 2009

First full length from Dylan Watkins's one man band Arabian Ass Migration. Robotic dance beats, songs about transformers, and non-stop fuzzed out bass grooving will have your feet moving until the album is done. When you hear this cd you will want to have a dance party at your house just so you can play it over and over and over and over. Listen here

5" pro replicated cdr in jewel case

Blackout Beach
By Alex Drosen
MER 14 - 2008

16 tiny tracks, including spaced out synth jams, clarinet squawks, lovely guitar textures, and electronic freakouts. The release is limited to fifty copies, and each has unique hand drawn artwork on the inside of the tray insert (under the disc). It is a very recommend listen.

5" cdr in jewlcase

Daylilly King EP
By This is Deer Country
MER 13 - 2008

This is Deer Country is Houghton's answer for the town's indie folk shortage. You will be amazed at the songs and sounds on this disc. Kate and Dan really went all out for this recording and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. Also, I feel like it is my duty to warn you that you might fall in love. Comes in a swell digipack! Listen here

5" cdr in screen printed digipack

Love it or Leave it
By Wild Animalz
MER 10 - 2008

Ex-Ohio grindcore band that has songs about science fiction and how much Ohio sucks. Crazy surprises on the B side! Co-released with Peddling Records!!!!!!!!! Listen here

Cassette tape in hardshell case

Boys of the Summer
By Electric Storm
MER 07 - 2008

Finally, the promised baseball themed Electric Storm album is here! Five tracks spanning two years of tone work, whale sound tape loops, and live excursions. Comes with a 20th century baseball team logo sticker (while supplies last).

5" cdr in sleeve

By Wild Animalz
MER 23 - 2007

The only single from the Wild Animalz debut album "Love it or Leave it". Edition of 23.

5" cdr in paper sleeve

Rage Against the Machine
By Dan Daniels
MER 08 - 2007

You may already know Dan Daniels from his band the Rangers (if you don't then you have been missing out). Dan does a bunch of songs in the style of the Beatles if they were Bob Dylan and lived in Marquette, MI and worked at Beef-a-Roo. Also: I hope we don't get sued because of the album title.

5" cdr in sleeve

Live in Houghton
By The Rangers/Duct Ape
MER 06 - 2007

This is a live recording of Marquette's favorite surf band and the UP's greatest comedy noise rock duo ever. Both discs have had the crappy jokes edited out, so both sets are sure to stun you with how "on" the jokes are. Duct Ape's set has quite possibly the worst version of Pterodactyl ever recorded, because Houghton kids just don't get it!

Two 5" screen printed cdrs in dvd case

My Favorite Hard Time vol 2
By The Saurus/Alex Drosen/Man vs Nature
MER 05 - 2007

A continuation of the three bands three inches theory. The Saurus are improvised noise rock with insane bass distortion. Alex Drosen is a synth pro, and these tracks rule. You should get a hold of him and get his full length, its awesome. I listen to it all of the time. Man vs. Nature is from California and brings the noise!

3" cdr in sleeve

Fates Worse than Death
By Electric Storm
MER 04 - 2006

First album from Electric Storm. Just enough sounds to fill up one of those cute 3" cds! Oscillators, feedback, and more from this UP noiser (you know, that OTHER Michigan noise scene).

3" cdr in sleeve

Idea Factory
By The Mountain Brothers
MER 03 - 2006

The second album from the Mountain Brothers brings a delightful mix of songs from their own invented genres of noise grass and post grass. For those of you not in the know, noise grass is a mix of noise rock and blue grass, and post grass takes the traditional bluegrass song and joins it with post rock and no wave stylings. For this album Mike has kept his banjo, but Tyler has dropped his harmonica for an electronics setup your grandmother wished the bluegrass of her time had. With everything from sprawling noise to banjo solo numbers, this album is something you will not soon forget.

5" screenprinted cdr in jewlcase

Crimes Against Nature
By The Mountain Brothers
MER 02 - 2006

Three loose noisegrass jams. Pure destruction with only banjo, harmonica, and pedals. Oh, and don't forget the lyrics about the Toledo War! Not for the weak of heart.

5" cdr in sleeve

My Favorite Hard Time vol 1
By Cymbolstorm/The Murder Men/Electric Storm
MER 01 - 2005

Three inches, three bands. Cymbolstorm does beat poetry with a cymbal. The Murder Men explore an experemental folk collage. Electric Storm presents three noise compositions. Basically it is like a nonstop party.

3" cdr