Disney Channel Original BonerSometimes when Dylan and Colton reunite they make recordings and sometimes those recordings are unleashed on an unsuspecting world. Every time this happens, reality as we know it is changed. The end.

Crumpled Infinity
By Disney Channel Original Boner
MER 30 - 2011
Consisting of one track entitled "Mother Process", Disney Channel Original Boner's debut condenses a 9 month journey into just 22 1/2 minutes. The track begins before conception and follows the development of the unborn child through its exit from the womb. Drums and creepy synths combine with really weird auto tuned vocals that provide both the narration and the inner monologue of the fetus in the most shrill way possible. It makes me glad I don't remember being a baby. Don't get me wrong through, this cd is awesome. Limited edition of 6. Listen here

5" cdr in full color crumpled mess