Duct ApeDuct Ape is one of the greatest bands ever. No, really they totally are. Jeremy will tell you all about it and Jon will back him up. You just have to drive up to the UP sometime and see them play. It would be better to see them in a basement where you can't escape the drums and bass flying at you; where the beers will probably (hopefully) affect your judgment. Jon used to play the oldest drums ever and always tell me about how they were jazzy. It made for a good complement for Jeremy's two bass strings and stage antics.

Imagine Godheadsilo if they were a little more like DFA:1979. What more could you ask for? That is why Duct Ape have become legends in their own time.

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Live in Houghton
By The Rangers/Duct Ape
MER 06 - 2007
This is a live recording of Marquette's favorite surf band and the UP's greatest comedy noise rock duo ever. Both discs have had the crappy jokes edited out, so both sets are sure to stun you with how "on" the jokes are. Duct Ape's set has quite possibly the worst version of Pterodactyl ever recorded, because Houghton kids just don't get it!

Two 5" screen printed cdrs in dvd case