Secret SecretionsRyan, Keith, & Lance really used to tear up the Stevens Point house show scene. Their enthusiasm was infectious and their live sets were inspired. Also, their soundproofing of the WRAT WOMB was legendary. When everyone was moving out of the house they had to come to ShopKo multiple times to get enough rubbing alcohol to kill all the mold that grew under the foam and carpet. It was awesome.

I wish I didn't have to write this as a eulogy. RIP Secret Secretions! You are missed.


Secret Secretions
By Secret Secretions
MER 24 - 2010
I've listened to a ton of punk records, and it's pretty rare to find on that doesn't sound like a rip-off of something else. The Secret Secretions manage to do avoid this trapping and their debut album is all the more awesome because of it. Their sound is a weird punk/reggae/surf fusion, but their intensity is undeniably PUNK ROCK®. Their album blazes through all of their best songs which tackle everything from Scientology to the pointlessness of our modern existence. In short, this record slays. Listen here

cdr in digipack with foldout lyric sheet/poster $1

What's the Point?
By Russell Pederson / Sega Genocide / Bloated Whale Decapitation / Photographs of the Future / Richard Hescott / Secret Secretions / Little Red Car / Jason Loeffler / Green Sun / Good Grief / Quiet the Ruckus / Troubadour / Break Bone Fever / Imoth Amero / Electric Storm / Wrath of the Girth
MER 18 - 2009
What's the Point? is a compilation of hot new Stevens Point, WI bands giving you a taste of what the town has to offer. Covering all areas of the musical map from folk to grindcore, WTP? is a collection of music by people who are excited about making things happen where they live. When I first moved to Stevens Point I didn't realize that so many good things were going on under my nose, so I decided to document what we had. All I wanted to do was to make a compilation, but what we wound up with is a recording of where we started before things got even better.

cdr in screen printed digipack with 16 page booklet $5