Windmill MusicEvery couple of years I talk to Kent and he tells me that he is considering moving to where I'm living so that we can (among other things) start a noise band together. Well I guess this only happened twice, but of course it never works out (much to my disappointment). I've been on the Kent Randall bandwagon for a long time. He began as a mysterious character in my searches on Marquette music history. After my dial-up download from mp3.com would complete I stay up late into the night trying to find out more, going to tripod and angelfire hosted local music sites. Half the time the rabbit hole I was looking down was a website that he had made full of information that only further confirmed that great things had been happening just down the road from me.

At some point before we really knew each other, Kent started sending me cds in the mail that were presented as new albums but were sometimes re-recorded, updated versions of the prior album. Each one was like the next evolution of Kent's perfect album and it was so awesome to be a part of that. I didn't even really know the guy and I was invited to view this progression, it was cool. Eventually I'd see Kent play live sets on his trips back to the UP and get to know him and it would be great. One time he attached a remote control to his guitar (which controlled a cd player that played backing tracks during his set) and after every song he would have to lean just right trying to make it pause or skip to the next track. It was the best thing I had ever seen, total dedication. It wasn't enough to give us the bare-bones, guitar only idea of the songs, Kent wanted us to hear the big picture, even if he had to look like a contortionist on stage to make it happen.

Windmill Music is an ideas band. What's great about that statement is that unlike most bands, Kent follows through on his ideas and creates consistently great albums. To capture this vision he enlists as many people as needed to craft something truly memorable. His songs have a way of sticking in your head, not in a bad way like pop songs, but more like a persistent thought that grows and changes with you. When you revisit his albums you can't help wondering why you aren't listening to this all the time. I'm super excited to have a part in putting out a Windmill Music album after all these years of being a fan.

The Village of Terrifying Fright
By Windmill Music
MER 35 - 2013
I'm very pleased to present you with the latest album by Kent Randell aka Windmill Music! It's everything you ever wanted in a record: lush harmonies, massive buildups, guest rappers, slow-burning rockers, the list goes on and on. Did I mention the lyrics are good too? I am digging this like you won't believe. You'll like it too, I promise! Listen here.

5" cdr in slim case $5